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Employee Training Continues To Be The Best Medicine For Ransomware Exposure Prevention

A recent cybersecurity report shows how ransomware has become the most significant malware threat. Read how employee training is your best prevention tool.

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The Right And Wrong Way To Monitor Employee Internet Use

A recent announcement creates controversy over privacy rights. Employers often use technology to monitor employees. However, they must do so wisely. Read more.

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Why Implementing "Zero-Trust Principles" Can Help Prevent Credential Hijacking

With cybercriminals relying less on malware, organizations must protect their networks, devices, and data with zero-trust security. Learn more.

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Uniforms And The FLSA: A Source For Employer Risk


The FLSA prohibits employers from reducing pay below minimum wage and overtime requirements in order to have employees pay for uniforms. We examine. Read more...


Are You Addressing Employee Burnout? You Make The Call


Burnout is causing organizations to lose talent. Are you addressing employee burnout before it's too late? You make the call. Read more...


Ask Leslie: Should I Have A Bereavement Policy?

Leslie Zieren

An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. if it is a good idea to have a bereavement policy. Read more...


48 Million Reasons Why You Need To Audit Your Payroll


A payroll manager receives prison time and a restitution order after embezzling $48 million from his employer. Read about payroll theft and how you can prevent it. Read more...