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Ask Jack: Is Malvertising Really A Threat To Organizational Data?

Malvertising is making a comeback, and the FBI is concerned that organizations may fall for it. Jack explains the risk and provides information from the FBI on methodology and prevention.

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Ask Jack: What Is The Most Important Step For Protecting Data In 2023?

A 2022 study points out the culprit in the vast majority of successful cyberattacks. Jack explains why following the data can help organizations lower their cyber risk in 2023.

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Ask Jack: Dealing With Password Rage

Does remembering your passwords affect your life? Jack examines password rage and password management.

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When Is A Good Time To Begin Onboarding? You Make The Call


A review of onboarding approaches shows that often onboarding can take significantly longer than most managers realize. When is a good time to start onboarding? You make the call. Read more...


Ask Leslie: What Do I Need To Know About The New Pregnant Workers Fairness Act?

Leslie Zieren

An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. what there is to know about a new federal law protecting pregnant workers. Read more...


RiskTrends™ Trusted Insight Podcast: Toxic Workplaces Create Risk


The McCalmon Group discusses the closure of a famous eating establishment, shut down from large wage and hour violation and sexual harassment settlements. Read more...


ERISA And Excess Fee Risk: Is The Use Of All Higher Fee Funds A Breach Of Duty?


A court ruled the plaintiffs could have proven an investment option had charged excessive fees, even after the option was withdrawn. Read more...