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Should You Let Employees Expense Strip Club Visits? You Make The Call


One company decided to stop its practice of allowing employees to expense strip club visits with clients. Should that have ever been a practice? You make the call and take our poll. Read more...


Awkward EEOC Accusations: What To Do After The Charge? Ask Jack

Jack McCalmon

An employer asks Jack McCalmon, Esq. for tips on how to move forward when an employee files an EEOC charge. Read more...


New Guidelines Say You Can Keep Your Password, But With A Catch


Nearly 50 percent of us are data breach victims, but we still ignore cyber security best practices. We examine the new guidelines and provide some helpful tips. Read more...


Shareholder Exposure From Business Valuations: What Sellers And Buyers Need To Know


Shareholders sue, alleging they were not paid enough for their stocks because of falsified financial information. We examine. Read more...


Today's Workplace

CEO And CFO Fraud Creates Exposures For Boards

The SEC finds two Silicon Valley company officers committed a $700 million fraud. What oversight was missing that led to this enormous fraud? We examine.

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Are Your IoT Devices Vulnerable To Attack?

Too often organizations and individuals forget to secure IoT devices, which hackers can breach to access network-connected computers. We examine.

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An Enterprise-Wide Cybersecurity Plan: A Crucial Step For Protecting Data

Not having a cybersecurity plan with human oversight left the U.S. Department of the Interior vulnerable to data breaches. We examine what this means for your organization.

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