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Limited Access Is The Centerpiece Of All Data Security Strategies

Employers must revoke account access when employees leave. Read about how continued access creates exposure.

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Why Is Trojan Malware So Effective?

The latest security report shows Trojan malware is a primary network security risk for users. Read about the dangers of this type of attack and how to avoid becoming a victim.

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Back Up Often And Off-Line To Help Address Ransomware Risks

Ransomware attacks are increasingly common, and all organizations must prepare now for an attack. We examine.

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Do Your Employees Crave Flexibility Over All Else? You Make The Call


Employees want more choice regarding where and when they work, and they may be willing to switch jobs to get it. Do your employees need more flexibility? You make the call. Read more...


Ask Jack: Will The Executive Order Mandating Vaccinations Provide Litigation Cover Against Vaccine-Related Lawsuits?

Jack McCalmon

An employer asks Jack McCalmon, Esq. if employers will have litigation cover for required Covid-19 vaccinations.? Read more...


Ask Leslie: Does HIPAA Prevent Me From Asking My Employees Their Vaccination Status?

Leslie Zieren

An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. if HIPAA prevents questioning an employee as to their vaccination status. Read more...


Kidnapping: Not Just A Developing Country Crime


The London Metropolitan Police terminate a former constable who admitted to murder, rape, and kidnapping of a businesswoman. We examine and explain some of the risks. Read more...