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Should Employers Give Detailed Explanations For Lack Of A Bonus? You Make The Call


An employer scapegoats a crime victim to explain its lack of year-end bonuses. Take our poll and join the conversation. Read more...


Ask Leslie: I Want To Hire An Independent Contractor. What Should I Know?

Leslie Zieren

An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. what she should know about hiring an independent contractor. Learn about the risks. Read more...


Don't Blink: States Are Quickly Altering Leave Laws

Leslie Zieren

California and New York are just two states with new leave laws. Learn about the trend. Read more...


Should Employers Be Liable For Third Party Harassment By An Employee On A Plane?


A passenger is groped by a fellow passenger on a commercial flight. One airline gets sued. What if this is your employee? You make the call and join the conversation. Read more...


Today's Workplace

Cooking The Books To Drive Up Stock Prices: A Serious Crime With Civil Liability Exposures

The CFO of a financial services organization is accused of conspiring with others to manipulate financial statements and artificially inflate earnings. We examine.

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Paying The Local Prevailing Wage For Federal Contractors

Plaintiffs asking for class action status allege a federal contractor paid its drivers fixed salaries that fell well below federal and local minimum wage and overtime requirements. We examine.

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NLRB Changes Employee Handbook Standard And Its Joint Employment Rule: What Employers Need To Know

Two recent decisions by the National Labor Relations Board will require a review of corporate policies and practices. Learn about the changes.

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