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Although no system is impenetrable, you can mitigate your losses with help from a former cybercriminal. Learn why.

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Risk Assessments Necessary To Address Cyber Vulnerabilities

IT security experts discuss motivations and methods behind cybercrime. Understanding the risk specific to your organization is an important element in building your defenses.

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Does The "Metaverse" Present More Or Less Data And Other Risks

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A $5M Golf Ball Verdict; Covid Whistleblower Settlement; Jailing Employees For Mistakes; And "Someone Else Made Me Do It" Sexual Harassment

Attorneys Jack McCalmon, Leslie Zieren, and Emily Brodzinski took part in the May 09, 2022, the RiskTrends™ Trusted Insight podcast. The trio  examined a question of the week, a verdict, settlement, loss, emerging risk, and a survey of the week. Specific subjects included:

·      The Question of the Week: "Do you think we will experience a surge of litigation related to Covid-19 in 2022?" Jack, Leslie, and Emily discussed long Covid and the ADA, statistics, and causation proof difficulties, as well as their opinions as to whether employers can expect a surge of COVID cases.

·      The Verdict of the Week: The trio discussed a $4.9M verdict in favor of homeowners who were barraged by golf balls. Was it a travesty of justice or the perfect punishment for a failure to find an easy fix?  

·      The Settlement of the Week: An ex-employee alleges he is a victim of COVID retaliation. The trio discussed the best practices employers can use to address retaliation claims related to COVID.

·      The Loss of the Week: A nurse who made a medication error is criminally prosecuted. The trio discusses whether employees should be prosecuted even for the worst mistakes.

·      The Emerging Risk of the Week: American Airlines is sued by a former 30-year employee who claims that managers encouraged sexual misconduct by a drunk contractor. Learn why drinking and the workplace are a bad mix, and the worst question an employer's investigator can ask a sexual harassment victim is revealed.

The podcast finished with a discussion of the Survey of the Week from our article published on April 29, 2022, entitled "Is The Hybrid Workplace Here to Stay? You Make The Call".

On The Next Podcast:

Jack, Leslie, and Emily will address several topics, including: a case of a million dollar attorney fee award for a $300K jury verdict; an alleged embezzler settles with a former employer without prosecution; a $5.2M loss involving a retired law enforcement officer who misappropriated workers' compensation funds; and the emerging risk of new hires leaving for another new job within three months.

Meanwhile, here is the link to the 05-09-22 podcast: "A $5M Golf Ball Verdict; Covid Whistleblower Settlement; Jailing Employees For Mistakes; And "Someone Else Made Me Do It" Sexual Harassment."

This podcast is a free service of The McCalmon Group, Inc. and is available on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, as well as on your favorite podcast app. The podcast is suitable for anyone who manages risk.  You can subscribe to the RiskTrends™ podcast by opening any of these apps and searching for The McCalmon Group. Choose the title "A $5M Golf Ball Verdict; Covid Whistleblower Settlement; Jailing Employees For Mistakes; And "Someone Else Made Me Do It" Sexual Harassment."


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