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Hook, Line And Sinker: How Artful Phishers Are Still Hooking The Unwary


A surprising number of people are still falling prey to phishing attacks. Learn how to recognize phishing emails and how not to get hooked. Read more...


Six Facts The EEOC Charge Statistics Reveal To Employers

Jack McCalmon

The 2014 EEOC charge statistics provide valuable information for employers. Jack McCalmon highlights six important facts every employer should know. Read more...


Bubble Employees: Can You Terminate A Bad Employee Who Has Reported Wrongdoing?


Retaliation lawsuits pose a serious risk to employers. So how do you address bad employees who need to be discharged, but have reported wrongdoing? Read more...


Closed For Weather? What Are Your Wage Obligations To Employees?


Dead batteries, fender benders, and staying warm aren't the only extreme weather concerns. Read about how to avoid weather-related wage and hour risk. Read more...


Today's Workplace

Does Discipline Cure A Bad Attitude?

Survey shows employee satisfaction levels continue to be low. What can be done to turn a negative attitude into a positive one?

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Asking Applicants About Criminal History? The Best Answer May Surprise You

Many new laws on various topics in several states took effect January 1. We highlight a few, and discuss in particular the "Ban the Box" legislation trend.

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Measles Outbreak Shows The Value Of Vaccines. Does Offering Vaccines To Your Workforce Have Benefits?

The recent measles outbreak highlights the benefits of vaccines. Could they benefit your employees?

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