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"Help, I Was Fired And Can't Sue Fast Enough!"


After a Life Alert employee is fired, he sues his employer for everything from sexual harassment to misclassification. We examine why some employees sue. Read more...


Job Numbers; A Big Lie, Great News Or Is Something Bad Brewing?


New numbers show the lowest unemployment rate for seven years, but other numbers should create concerns about the future for employers. Jack McCalmon examines what employers need to know. Read more...


Dazed and Confused: How Employers Should Address Employees Who Lie About Race

Jack McCalmon

Spokane NAACP head is revealed as white after claiming her race was black for many years. Jack McCalmon addresses the whacky questions this situation presents to employers. Read more...


Inmate Seduces And Then Sues For Sexual Harassment: Is This Right?


Two female guards have sex with an inmate. They get jail time as a result, and he sues for sexual harassment. We want you to weigh in on this bizarre case. Read more...


Today's Workplace

How An EEOC Employee Stole Thousands Using Gift Cards Aimed At Stopping Stealing

An employee goes to Disneyland and buys luxury purses using cards meant to stop contractors from stealing. We examine how the scam was pulled off.

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Why Malware Is Most Likely In Your Future

We asked our readers, "Has Your Computer or Mobile Device Ever Been Infected with Malware?" Fifty-two percent said, "Yes." Learn what you can do to avoid the risk.

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Is Employee Loyalty A Thing Of The Past And Does It Matter?

A new survey finds management thinks employees are less loyal than in the past. We examine this further and how you can change that trend.

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